Strafe developers reveal their game’s multiple hidden levels

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Roguelike FPS Strafe launched in May of last year and its developer Pixel Titans have begun to share the multiple hidden levels that players could access if they knew how to find them.

According to a tweet, one new level is going to be shown off in a video every day with five already released at the time of writing.

Each is an homage to other games, not just in this genre but far afield too. Other games published by Devolver Digital are included too and we wouldn’t be surprised if the developers from those other titles lent their hand to these levels.

The five revealed so far are:

  • Going Home – a walking simulator with a narrator and a title in reference to Gone Home.
  • Gungeon 3D Blast – The game Enter the Gungeon presented as something of a third person shooter instead of its usual top down perspective.
  • Luftenstein – a combination of Wolfenstein and Luftrausers.
  • Trappy Mine – Seemingly a mix between Minesweeper and Dig Dug.
  • The Jump Zone – A level that tests the player’s ability to platform and seems to borrow from the game Clustertruck.

The most interesting level to us here is Gungeon 3D Blast. Aside from out love of Enter the Gungeon, it was revealed years ago that the original game is actually rendered in 3D, despite the fact that the player only ever has a 2D, top down view of the world.

Players have speculated that this means you can play the game from different viewpoints, and the secret level in Strafe seems to confirm this.

If all of this has you interested in Strafe, make sure you give our review of the title a read.

It’s a deeply flawed game but some of its problems can be overlooked if the rest of the game gets its hooks into you, and there’s been many updates since we last played.

All the playable secret levels revealed so far can be watched in the playlist embedded below.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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