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DStv Now app lands on Hisense Smart TVs and Xbox One

DStv customers now have more ways to watch TV as the DStv Now app lands on more platforms.

The subscription TV company today announced availability of the DStv Now app on Hisense Smart TVs and the Xbox One range of consoles.

“The simplest way to get DStv on additional TVs around the house is to use one of our dedicated smart TV or media player apps. With an uncapped internet connection there’s no additional cost, and with Wi-Fi, there’s no need to run any additional cables. It really is as straightforward as downloading the app, following the login steps, and start watching,” head of product at DStv Now, Graeme Cumming said in a statement.

The DStv Now app for Xbox One is available for all iterations of the console including the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. To find the app head to Apps and search for DStv Now.

As for Hisense Smart TVs, the DStv Now app will only be available on select TVs released in 2018 and onwards.

To install the DStv Now app on your Hisense TV follow the instructions below. As an aside, make sure you have a working internet connection with enough data as the DStv Now app will use data to stream.

  1. Go to the device’s app store, search for “DStv Now” and install the app (if the app is not visible then either the device is not supported or the device app store is set to a different country).
  2. Once installed, a 5-digit code will be displayed on the TV screen.
  3. Open a web browser (using a computer, tablet or smartphone), go to now.dstv.com and log in (if not yet registered, hit “Get started” and follow the instructions).
  4. Once logged in, go to http://now.dstv.com/tv, enter the code displayed on the TV and then click on “Sign in on TV”.
  5. DStv Now will automatically launch on the TV.

Up to two devices can be logged into DStv Now at the same time and with more ways to stream content from DStv now available there should be fewer wars over who watches what this December.