This playable LEGO piano is one step closer to being an official set

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Back in October we featured one of the most impressive LEGO creations we’ve ever seen in a playable scale piano, and it may soon be available for purchase in your local toy store.

This is thanks to a topic we’ve covered extensively in the past: LEGO Ideas. This platform allows anyone to submit a creation they think would make a good set. If that submission garners ten thousand votes from the community, it begins its journey through an internal process by LEGO.

This includes the Danish company acquiring the licence for the toy, making sure it’s feasible to turn into a mass product, creating instructions and packaging, and much more behind closed doors affairs.

The piano was submitted to Ideas where it quickly gained the necessary amount of votes and the wait began to see if LEGO thought it feasible to be turned into a set and to move it along the chain into a new level of internal review.

A recent blog post confirms that the piano has made the cut and, in US Summer of this year (between late June and late September) we will find out if it was successful.

See the video below for a showcase of the build. While it is playable in the sense that all the keys can be pressed with actions that mimic the real instrument, it does not produce any sound as LEGO can’t (at the moment) replicate the tight strings needed for such a setup.

The piano is not the only submission here, however, as these updates are provided in batches with only one or two from each batch getting the official set treatment.

The most impressive other idea here, in our opinion, is a set of five dinosaur skeletons made to look like a museum display. This build has been floating around the community for some time and is great to see when it pops up. In a perfect world both the piano and this will be turned into sets, which isn’t too much of a stretch as two projects were chosen the last time an announcement was made.

While this is not the norm, we can still hope to have both of these on our shelves in 2019.

The other three builds are a chemical plant, a trio of food stands and the Queen Victoria cruise ship.

You can see pictures of the other four builds below, but make sure you click on the links above to be taken to their Ideas page with more info on each.

While the voting process is up to the community, it’s in LEGO’s hands now to decide on the winner(s).

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of