Strap in for the “Rainbow Roller Coaster” 3D printed kinetic sculpture

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While we usually feature 3D prints for some practical or collectable purpose, it’s nice to look at something purely designed for interest’s sake and the “Rainbow Roller Coaster” kinetic sculpture is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

Maker Dominik Císař is the man behind this unique creation which combines a unique gear system with an array of coloured “fans”.

He tells us that this project started life in the Rhinoceros modelling software with the help of the Grasshopper plug-in in a process which was completed over a weekend.

Figuring out how to make the mechanics of the sculpture printable ate up the most time here, with Císař stating that he could probably blow through the design again in about two hours, should he need to make something similar.

These rotating circle designs have existed for some time now, but the challenge here was making them printable for anyone to make at home. You can see the interesting makeup of this project in this exploded view.

Printing took longer at 60 hours, which is justifiable given the fact that the finished, assembled piece stands 38 centimetres high.

There was little finishing work or painting needed here with each of the fans being printed out in a range of colours from different brands. The glittery effect on the black base was accomplished with Prusa’s Galaxy Black PLA, but those looking to make their own can change up the plastics and colours to their desires.

If you’d like to try your hand at making your own, the files are available over on MyMiniFactory.

The version you see below in a short demo gif is powered by a motor, but the files include the option for a small hand crank so it can be operated manually. While you may think that would detract from the effect here, it looks just as good when done by hand.

Those looking for other kinetic sculptures to 3D print can see “The Geared Head of Feelings” and the marble-based “Digital Rain”.

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