Tesla cars receiving Sentry Mode according to Elon Musk tweet

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Elon Musk has taken to Twitter once again, but this time it’s not to cause controversy. Instead the Tesla CEO has said the company is working on a new “Sentry Mode” as an increased safety measure for parked vehicles.

Details on the mode are slim, with Musk only adding in his tweets that the feature would only be available to Tesla vehicles with Enhanced Autopilot.

Musk made the “announcement” in response to another Twitter user who shared a picture of a dent in his car, asking whether the company had plans to employ some sort of 360-degree dashcam while the car was parked.

It’s unclear whether Tesla’s Sentry Mode will use the dashcam, but if it did, the camera could turn on when the vehicle has been hit or someone is trying to tamper with it, as TechCrunch explains.

Whether this will be a foolproof solution, or a proper deterrent, is also unclear.

We say this as the dashcam on select Tesla models is only front facing, and should someone be trying to gain access via one of the doors on the side, it cannot record the perpetrators in action.

The same issue applies if the car is hit in an accident from the side.

As such, we could need Tesla to rollout a 360-degree dashcam accessory for this feature to be truly effective.

[Image – Antony Kennedy]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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