Destiny 2’s latest update lets you grab Whisper of the Worm whenever you want

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The latest update to Destiny 2 has changed a number of Super abilities, weapons and added a new Exotic quest for the Exotic Hand Cannon, The Last Word.

For those looking for the full patch notes you can find that over here.

While combing through the patch notes last night we read the line “Whispers on Io now occur more frequently”.

Those of you who have spent a large chunk of time in the game will know that this is about The Whisper challenge which was only ever available on the weekend. But the whispers have grown louder.

That’s right, you can now dive into the depths of the Grove of Ulan Tan every day in a bid to get your Exotic sniper rifle that has become something of a prerequisite for high level activities.

For those who have never heard of this quest here’s a quick primer.

During Taken Blight public events on Io in the Lost Oasis area a Taken boss will spawn in one of three locations marked on the map below. Killing this boss with spawn an anomaly near the Grove of Ulan Tan lost sector.

The white circles represent the general area that a Taken boss will spawn.

Explaining where to go is a bit tricky so we’ve embedded a video from Ebontis to walk you through the mission. While the YouTuber does the challenge alone we highly recommend doing this mission with two friends or better yet, somebody who has already done the mission.

Once you have your new sniper rifle you aren’t even close to done. You will see a new mission on Io – The Whisper (Heroic) – after completing the run once. Completing this mission and killing the bosses at the end will give you the Catalyst for the gun.

The Catalyst needs to be charged with Blighted Essence which can be earned by completing the quest weekly and opening all of the hidden chests in the mission. You can only open these chest once a week.

But wait, there is more. Opening all of the chests will trigger a puzzle in a location that – when solved – will give you a blueprint for a new Ship. For a video featuring the location of all the chests and the solution to the puzzle check out this video.

Once you have your Whisper of the Worm I highly recommend checking out this video from My Name is Byf which explains what wielding this weapon means and how it came to be.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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