Form your own Voltron Bayard with this 3D print

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While we’ve featured Voltron in the past, it’s been about the rather excellent LEGO set and scale 3D prints of the giant mech. Today, however, we have something in the 1:1 space with a recreation of Pidge’s Bayard.

Maker Nicholas Masso is responsible for this project, telling us that he and is friends are fans of the franchise and are currently working on some props for cosplaying at future cons. Not satisfied with the Bayards that others are selling online, Masso decided to make his own.

Modelling in SolidWorks, space was made for some electronics to add a lighting system to the print. This first version was kept simple to get the build completed in under a week, and the design was shored up in around six hours.

Printing took a bit longer at 22 hours, with a transparent filament used at the front to facilitate the LEDs inside. Assembled, the print measures in at 273 X 189 X 30 millimetres and fits rather nicely into the hand.

Inside of the plastic there is an RGB LED strip powered by a battery taken from a battery bank and a button to activate the lights. You’ll need this up along with some filament if you want to make your own that matches the finished version you can see below.

To get going start with the free files available for download over on Thingiverse. Make sure you give the description a read as it has step by step instructions for assembly..

Masso also tells us that he may return to the project to make space for a microcontroller to add in extra lighting effects.

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Clinton Matos

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