New Captain Marvel trailer lays on the buddy cop atmosphere

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After two previous trailers left people generally underwhelmed, the recent “special look” video of the upcoming Captain Marvel film may be what everyone was looking for.

The best parts of these new looks at the movie seem to be the banter between the new hero and a young Nick Fury. As we see more of the two on-screen our hopes of a buddy cop theme running through the film go up.

Also getting more screen time in this preview is Jude Law, who still looks a bit evil here.

The last interesting bit here is watching the Skrull do their shapeshifting. Most fans weren’t too pleased with the movie look of these classic characters when they were revealed, but their process of copying people looks suitably weird and gruesome as it usually appeared to be in the comics.

That first reveal of the characters showed them on a beach, and now this trailer seems to show that their first victim is a surfer.

The final shot, which is also used as the thumbnail in the trailer embedded below, is a CGI-heavy space battle where Captain Marvel looks more than a little rubbery and reminds us of the off-kilter look of Thor in the battle of Wakanda back in Infinity War. We hope this gets polished up before this movie launches on 8th March.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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