Park the Starfleet in this 3D printed Star Trek spacedock

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Maker and Thingiverse user Phill Scott ran into a problem when he wanted to display some of his Eaglemoss Star Trek models, as he couldn’t find any suitable stands for them, so he decided to 3D print his own.

His solution was to design and print his own version of the spacedock or drydock that is seen throughout the franchise. Like their real life counterparts these facilities are used to repair damaged and under construction ships, which was the inspiration here when some of the fragile models broke in the design process.

The spacedock was created in Tinkercad with the goals of being visually interesting, while also easy to print and leaving enough space on every side as to not cover up the ships inside too much.

A prototype was printed and shown off on an Star Trek forum for fans in Argentina, and changes were made based on the feedback from there. The design was adjusted in scale and simplified to make the print you see on this page.

The spacedock measures in at 12 x 17 x 27 centimetres and is big enough to house anything from the Eaglemoss collection. Those looking to show off different scales of models will need to adjust the size here.

Printing took around 40 hours to complete with a light grey PLA used for most of the structure, blue for the accents and a translucent plastic for the parts of the spacedock that would incorporate lighting which uses basic LEDs.

This version was left unpainted which completely fits the rugged look here. You can, of course, paint your version which you can start with using the files available for free over on Thingiverse.

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