See Fortnite being played on a Game Boy (kinda)

While you can already play Fortnite on a wide variety of hardware including consoles and mobile devices, a Game Boy isn’t something you’d expect to run the game, and you’d be correct. Almost.

One of our favourite channels for hobbyist electronics – ETA Prime – has released a video (embedded below) of the game being played on a modified Game Boy. The vernacular here is important because the game is being played on this device, but it isn’t running the title.

As you may have expected Fortnite is being run by another machine and streamed to this device, which isn’t much of a Game Boy as it’s housing a Raspberry Pi 3 A+. Fortnite is run on a PC, via Steam, which is then connected to the Pi using Steam Link.

You may have also noticed that the outside of this Game Boy features many extra inputs that you’d typically not see on official hardware. There’s a joystick, six face buttons and another two buttons around the back.

This is a completely custom creation you can see a similar one showcased in a separate video that is handmade for between $150 and $250 (~R2 042 – R3 404).

Unfortunately, even with all these extra buttons, there was still input problems with Fortnite due to button mapping. That, together with the lack of a second joystick makes playing the game less than ideal, so this is nothing more than an interesting experiment.

This isn’t the first time someone has created a project like this. Back when PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the battle royale everyone talked about, it was being played on a Game Boy.  Back in 2017 Steam Link wasn’t available to the Raspberry Pi platform, so Moonlight was used for the streaming instead.


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