Trio of Mortal Kombat 11 trailers also feature a dabbing Scorpion

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After an initial reveal trailer that many mocked for a terrible song choice, we now have much more footage of the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11, including fan favourite Scorpion dabbing. Yes, really.

If you give the gameplay reveal trailer a watch (embedded below) you’ll see Scorpion engulfed in flames at around the 50 second mark, where he promptly dabs before disappearing.

We’re not entirely sure why this was included but we’re sure someone will come out the woodwork to say that it’s some form of ancient martial art or that the animation has been used in the past but come on, that’s clearly a dab.

That aside the trailer looks promising if not a bit generic. The animations and effects look absolutely superb and Skarlet’s blood weapons were featured prominently, which was surely intended to show off the liquid physics in the game.

Oh, and before you press play just note that all the trailers here are NSFW and absolutely chock full of animated gore and death. We’re sure most people would know that based on this franchise’s past, but we thought we’d mention it regardless.

While one trailer would be good enough, we got much more than that.

The character you see stopping time is named Gerus (pronounced “Gee-rus”, apparently) who is doing his best Sandman impression, using the material to conjure up weapons and the like.

Like Skarlet, we’re sure Gerus was included here to show off particle effects, though the sand was probably chosen as it relates to time (hourglasses and all that).

Next up we have probably the bloodiest of the bunch in the official fatalities trailer, showing off a range of last moves from several of the characters.

Some of these fatalities were already seen in the last two trailers, but there’s a lot of new ones here too.

If all of that just wasn’t enough Mortal Kombat for you, the official YouTube channel for the games has uploaded a bunch of other videos in the last few hours.

There’s a livestream clocking in at just under four hours, a gameplay walkthrough, exhibition matches with fighting game pros, and a behind the scenes look.

Mortal Kombat 11 will launch 23rd April with a beta taking place on from 28th March on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Unfortunately beta access – and Shao Khan – are locked away as pre-order incentives.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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