Don’t worry, the dog didn’t actually die in Alita: Battle Angel

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It’s an incredibly minor spoiler to say that there’s a dog in Alita: Battle Angel that is seemingly killed off screen. We say it’s minor because it has no bearing on the story at all and you don’t even see anything happen to the animal.

Now, thanks to some advertising, we know that this isn’t strictly true. WeRateDogs, a Twitter account famous for sharing pictures and videos of dogs with the gimmick of a scoring system attached, has shared a video sponsored by the movie.

In it the dog we thought dead is actually just living out life as a canine cyborg with a new body. The account calls the dog “Little Marks” but we’re not sure if that’s its official name as per the creators of the movie, or a nickname chosen by the account.

After watching the movie we don’t recall the dog ever being assigned a name out loud, but maybe we missed that part entirely.

While this is really inconsequential and blatantly a way to tug on heartstrings to advertise the movie, it’s a really smart way to do exactly that. Instead of a simple tweet urging people to see the movie, it rather suits the account posting it and it comes with new content that wasn’t in the movie.

One oddity here is that the video almost appears to be stop motion. We’re not sure if that’s actually the case or it’s just regular CGI with a low frame rate.

If this has you interested in the movie (as intended) check out our review before seeing it.

By the way, someone needs to update the Does The Dog Die? page for this movie.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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