The classic Timber Wolf is now an articulated 3D print

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Since May of 2018 we’ve been featuring superb recreations of the machines from the BattleTech and MechWarrior franchises, which all share amazing accuracy to the source material, articulated joints and a large scale. That continues today with the fourth in the series – the Timber Wolf.

All four creations are brought to us by South African maker Robert Davie, who has given the same treatment to the AtlasHuntsman and Hellbringer in the past.

Much like the others, the Timber Wolf is a remix of a model ripped from MechWarrior Online, which was then remixed by Davie in Meshmixer, with some fixing in Netfabb.

This process only took around a day to complete as the base model was rather great this time around and didn’t require as much work to modify the articulation and other areas. Instead, much of the time was spent adding in optional attachments and weapons to allow more customisation for anyone looking to make their own.

While printing still took around 22 hours to complete, this is much faster than the other mechs made in the past. Davie tells us that, while each mech represents its own challenges, he’s getting better at making each new one. The legs of the Huntsman, for example, took five prints before they came out perfectly. The Timber Wolf, on the other hand, took just one.

Once assembled this print stands around 13 centimetres tall, making it a similar scale to the others.

Painting was matte black primer, and a combination of paints from Citadel and Vallejo. This “Night Ops” colour scheme is understated when compared to the reds and blues of past prints, but it’s still another impressive showing.

To print a Timber Wolf, grab the files available for free over on Thingiverse.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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