Destiny 2’s Gambit is getting a shake up next month

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When Destiny 2: Forsaken was released last year it brought with it a new PvEvP mode called Gambit.

At launch Gambit was quite fun but as the months have waned on a number of problems with the game mode have come to the fore. In this week’s This Week At Bungie update, the developers outlined a few improvements that will be made to Gambit.

The first and most notably change is to the rounds.

Those who have played Gambit know that a game which goes to three rounds can be long and arduous.

On 5th March an update will be delivered that forms part of the Season of the Drifter and part of that update will see the third round of Gambit turned into a Primeval sudden death round. Simply put, the first team to kill their Primeval will win the round.

Invader spawn locations are also set to be increased. At time of writing there are currently two to three spawn locations for each Gambit map which makes finding the enemy far too easy. I for one have killed many an invader simply by popping a bottom-tree Dawnblade Super and blind throwing it in the general direction of a spawn location.

Perhaps the most important change however is the addition of Idle Protection. Player who remain inactive for a long period of time will no longer receive end match rewards or Infamy points.

Finally, the blockers that are sent through are getting a decent change. At the moment 5 – 9 motes gets you a Taken Phalanx, 10 – 14 motes gets you a Taken Knight and 15 motes sends through a Taken Ogre.

The only real threat among those three is the Taken Knight while the Ogre is just a bullet sponge.

In the Season of the Drifter the enemies you send through will be as follows:

  • Small Blocker – Taken Goblin with less health than the previous Phalanx.
  • Medium Blocker – Taken Captain with more health than the previous Knight.
  • Large Blocker – Taken Knight with more health than the previous Ogre.

The changes outlined above (as well as weapon balances aimed at Gambit and Crucible) are due next month.

We recommend heading over to the TWAB post to check out all the planned changes.

In the meantime while we wait for the Season of the Drifter, why not 3D print yourself the Malfeasance Hand Cannon. It’s likely to be easier than waiting for the meatball to randomly spawn.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz writes news, reviews, and opinion pieces for Hypertext. His interests include SMEs, innovation on the African continent, cybersecurity, blockchain, games, geek culture and YouTube.