Ericsson says it’s ready to bring 5G to the world

The flavour of the month (perhaps year) is 5G and one doesn’t need to look very far to see why.

With manufacturers bringing 5G-ready devices to market and countries pushing to be among the first with a 5G network the world has gone 5G mad.

Speaking at MWC 19, Ericsson president and chief executive officer, Börje Ekholm championed the role of 5G in national infrastructure and, naturally used his time to talk up Ericsson’s solutions.

“According to Ericsson ConsumerLab research, one-third of smartphone users globally will change either immediately or within six months to a service provider that switches on 5G. Today, the US and Asia are leading in 5G development,” Ekholm said.

The firm, according to Ekholm, is already rolling out 5G networks in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We are truly switching on 5G around the world in 2019,” said the CEO.

Yes, we also noted the absence of Africa in that list but more announcements about 5G networks will be made soon so perhaps we’ll see Africa appear before 2019 is up.

Ekholm also spent some time talking up the benefits of Ericsson’s Spectrum Sharing technology.

“We can dynamically mix 4G and 5G traffic on the same spectrum. Some said this kind of spectrum sharing was impossible. Wrong! Our engineers are truly world class. With spectrum sharing, our customers have a real 5G frontrunner advantage,” the CEO said.

The CEO has also revealed that Ericsson intends to acquire Kathrein’s antenna and filters business. This acquisition will expand Ericsson’s “capabilities and competences in the advanced active and passive antenna domain“.

For more on what’s happening at MWC 19, be sure to head here for news as and when it happens.

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