htxt.africast – Alita: Battle Angel, Facebook privacy and EA

It’s a Friday Africast this week as we talk about a new movie that will be hitting South African cinemas next week, Facebook’s use of your data, and how EA makes its money.

First up is Alita: Battle Angel which we got to see rather early, but were left unimpressed. With very little to add to its genre and some poor decisions across the board, it’s not something we can recommend seeing opening night. Our full review is linked below, but it’s a 6 out of 10, and possibly even a 5.

Next up is Facebook and its continuous fight with the rest of the world over how it uses its data. With some recent movements and changes to the way it handles ads, it still isn’t enough to convince us that staying on that platform is worth it.

Finally we look over some financial results from EA which explain some of its recent decisions and shed some light on the state of the gaming industry and why it operates the way it does. Spoiler: what’s good for making shareholders money is rarely good for the consumer, surprise surprise.

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