This 3D print of Barad-dûr has its own glowing Eye of Sauron

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While we’ve seen the Eye of Sauron 3D printed a few times, sometimes with the two prongs on either side of it and part of the tower, we’ve never seen the entirety of Barad-dûr made to accompany it until now.

Maker Jukka Seppänen created this rather impressive piece, which shares many similarities with his last project that we featured back in February 2018. His Doors of Durin prints were also from the Lord of the Rings, and they too used LEDs inside of the plastic to get the right look.

While the Doors of During used this lighting setup for a soft blue glow, Barad-dûr instead has a suitable reddish look for the eye and a river of lava in the base.

Seppänen tells us that modelling this project was done across two pieces of software: Blender was used for the main buildings and 3D-Coat to sculpt the terrain, and to join these two elements together.

While the time taken to complete this process was logged, it did require a couple of days  to create with some extra time for fine tuning.

Printing took around 24 hours to complete, but this does include some added time that was dedicated to filming the process as a timelapse, something you can view on YouTube.

There you can see that the piece needed to be printed in two parts due to the large vertical size, with the print standing 252 millimetres tall. At the largest parts the rest of the print measures in at 195 X 188 millimetres.

The clever modelling saved time in the finishing process as it was printed without the need for supports. The choice of filament also negated the need for any sanding or painting as the rough look perfectly approximated the textures you’d expect on a structure like this.

The eye and the lava do use a transparent filament which is different to the opaque off black used everywhere else here.

Once the plastic was off the print bed the LEDs were simply added into the correct places. This is powered by a wall plug so there’s no internal batteries to worry about.

Those looking to make possibly the most menacing lamp in existence can do so by grabbing the files available for free over of MyMiniFactory.

The obvious upgrade to this creation would be adding a camera into the eye to act as a nanny cam while you’re out of the house. We’d also love to see a version where the eye moves using a pair of motors, or maybe even a larger project incorporating the spherical projector appropriately named “Gakken WorldEye”.

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