Apple’s new AirPods have more talk time, Siri control & wireless charging case

When Apple first debuted their wireless earphones a couple of years ago, the AirPods, they were quite divisive, especially after the company called itself “courageous” for doing so.

The design of the AirPods are still generating a few memes here and there, but now Apple has released a second generation of the offering for consumers to mull over.

This latest iteration has been for some time, but in rather subdued fashion, they’ve been revealed rather surreptitiously by the Cupertino-based firm.

So what’s the second generation of AirPods packing?

For one they feature 50 percent more talk time according to Apple, along with a new beating heart in the form of the Apple-designed H1 chip. Along with handling the audio experience, as well as improved synchronisation, the H1 also takes care of the new “Hey Siri” function.

To that end wearers can simply say “Hey Siri” in order to control the earphones via their voice, along with being able to make and take calls.

The other notable new feature is a wireless charging case that has been developed by Apple. If you’re thinking that getting your hands on one necessitates buying a new pair of AirPods, you’re in luck as Apple has made them compatible with the first generation of earphones.

There’s a standard charging case on offer too, with Apple stating that both deliver 24 hours-plus of additional listening time to the AirPods.

The new AirPods are available to order now if you’re Stateside, starting at $149 for the standard charging case version, and $199 for the wireless charging case flavour. If you’re just interested int he standalone wireless case, it is listed at $79.

Having just been announced, there’s no word on local availability and pricing just yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

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