Fallout’s double-barrelled tank: 3D printed for Wasteland Warfare

While you’re more likely to think of power armour when it comes to the Fallout games, there are various tanks and armoured vehicles throughout the series with one of the latter being 3D printed for us to look at.

This tank is the work of maker Tobias Kornemann who based it on the one seen in Fallout 4, though it also appears in Fallout 76.

Kornemann tells us that the projects started by extracting the tank’s file from Fallout 4 using NifSkope. As is always the case with models taken directly from a game, this file is far from being 3D printable, so it needed more work from here.

SketchUp was used to split the model and repair certain parts, DesignSpark Mechanical 4 helped correct the edgy geometry, Meshmixer thickened up certain parts so they wouldn’t be too frail, then finally Netfabb came in at the end for quality assurance.

This entire process took around 30 hours to complete, with printing taking slightly longer at 38 hours in PETG filament.

The tank is 140 X 90 X 70 millimetres and was printed at this size to fit in with the 32 millimetre scale of the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare game.

The raw plastic had its support material removed before being smoothed out with a Dremel tool and the flame from a lighter.

For finishing a layer of spray filler started things off followed by an acrylic base coat. The weathering was an important step here which was achieved using a mixture of rust pigments, inks and real mud from Kornemann’s garden.

The modelling and painting referenced some high quality renders of the vehicle, most of which can be seen at the bottom of this Fallout wiki page.

If you’d like your own Fallout tank for wargaming or your shelf, you can find the files available for free over on Thingiverse.

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