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You can now 3D Print Mjölnir as it’s seen in God of War


Spoilers for God of War 2018 below

In one of the endings for God of War 2018 we get to see Santa Monica Studio’s version of Thor as well as Mjölnir, and now you can 3D print the latter.

This is thanks to Thingiverse user Glargonoid Crafting who tells us that the print is based on that ending where more details of the hammer can be seen, and not on the statue of Thor on the Lake of Nine right at the beginning of the game.

The hammer was modelled in Fusion 360, a process that took between 15 and 17 hours to complete.

This model was then split into four pieces to make printing possible on most machines despite the project’s final size.

Printing still took a long time however, at around 38 hours before those separate pieces were glued together.

Once assembled Mjölnir is 38 centimetres long from the tip of the handle to the top of the head. That hammer head is 27 centimetres across, making this a rather hefty print even if just for display.

As for finishing a layer of primer was applied followed by some sanding and a once over with some grey spray paint.

The version of the project you see on this page has not been painted to match the ending version with its leather handle and gold inlay (which you can see in this piece of art) which actually makes it closer to the statue version.

Those who want to see a painted Mjölnir will need to do it themselves, starting with the files which are available for free over on Thingiverse.

Those looking for the more popular incarnation of the hammer wielded by the MCU Thor will be happy to known that it’s been done many times before with our favourites being this one from 2017. Oh, and Stormbreaker has been done too.

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