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How to change what the Bixby button on your Samsung smartphone does

This weekend we received an early gift from Samsung ahead of the launch of the Galaxy S10 series later this week.

That gift is the ability to remap what the Bixby button does. This comes with a caveat but the crux of the matter is that you can now reset what the dedicated Bixby button does.

First things first, you’ll need to update Bixby to the latest version. Once updated you should be on Version

Once this update is installed you should restart the application and tap the menu icon (three vertical dots on the right of the display) and then tap Settings.

Once in Settings scroll down to Bixby key and tap that option.

From what we can tell disabling Bixby completely is not possible. Instead, users can now select what happens when they press the Bixby key.

You can choose to have Bixby open with two presses or one. Should you select one press – for example – you can then assign a different app to open when you press the key twice.

For illustrative purposes we have Spotify set to open with one press and Bixby with two presses. You can also select to have nothing open and keep the key open.

So far we have tested the functionality on the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy S10+ and this update works on all of these devices. We cannot confirm whether this holds true for older Galaxy devices but if you have a Bixby key, it’s worth testing for yourself.

The one thing you cannot change is what happens when you hold the Bixby key, doing this will always open Bixby voice even after the update.

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