Nedbank introduces home-buying kit and HeyNed virtual assistant

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Nedbank has introduced two new offerings to help its customers get things done via their Money App.

The first is a new home-buying kit that pulls together a range of Nebank services and solutions so that prospective home owners are able to find, finance and purchase a place to live.

The kit is integrated into the Nedbank Money app, and has access to tools like pre-approval for home loans, up to three free property reports, as well as information such as property valuations, demographics and amenities in the area they may be considering.

“We believe that our Home-Buying Toolkit on the Nedbank MoneyApp, can help home buyers maximise their buying power and protect their investment, whether they are still searching for that dream home or ready to begin the process and apply for their Nedbank Home Loan,” says Ciko Thomas, group managing executive for Nedbank Retail and Business Banking.

As for the other solution, it comes in the form of a new virtual personal assistant called HeyNed, which also resides within the Nedbank Money App.

According to the financial services provider, HeyNed will work as a handy concierge service, with access to information on a reported 350 000 different product and service providers, according to the institution.

Along with the concierge functionality, Nebank adds that HeyNed is capable of negotiating better prices for customers. We have not seen this function in action yet, so we cannot attest to its skills as a negotiator.

“HeyNed users appreciate the fact that the service pays for itself through the savings it delivers,” adds Thomas.

It is important to note though, that while HeyNed is free to use for the first three months, a monthly fee of R99 will apply thereafter.

As such it should be interesting to see how many customers opt to continue with the value added service once the free trial period ends.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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