PS4 Games on Apple devices: Remote Play now available on iPhone & iPad

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For many years now those with Sony branded phones or a PS Vita were able to officially use the PlayStation 4 Remote Play feature, but now it’s available for those in the Apple ecosystem.

Available on iPhone and iPad, the Remote Play app connects to a PlayStation 4 over WiFi and allows you to play games by streaming it to the mobile device.

On-screen touch controls are available to do this but a third party controller is preferable.

We say third party because, at the moment, there’s no way to officially connect a DualShock controller unless you’re willing to mess around with other apps or jailbreaking your device.

One such controller is the Gamevice, a popular name in that circle which separates itself from other such devices by way of clipping onto an iPhone or iPad on either side of the screen, much like a Nintendo Switch.

The header image you see above is from a Gamevice tweet which confirms that their hardware is compatible with the app. If you, like us, mostly play your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode at home, this combination is a great way to replicate that experience, now with all the PlayStation exclusives.

Looking at the reviews on the official app page as well as some other forums and it seems like the software runs rather well though – like all streaming – it highly depends on your home network environment.

You can download the app right here and it’s rather small at just under 20 MB. The only requirement for running the software is iOS 12.1 or later, and it’s even compatible with the iPod touch.

As we mentioned earlier this app is available on Android if you have a Sony phone. If you don’t you can always gamble on unofficial APKs, though that’s always a dangerous prospect.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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