Newest Detective Pikachu trailer is strangely touching

Man this damn Detective Pikachu movie has made us run the full gamut of emotions, and it’s not even out yet.

When it was first revealed it was funny because of the creepy designs of the Pokémon and the fact that it appears as if the film is in on that joke.

Then the laughs continued in a puzzling way when childhood figure Pikachu swore and the nostalgia kept rolling in when it was announced that those seeing the movie on opening weekend would be getting promo playing cards similar to the famous Mewtwo from The First Movie.

Now the latest trailer, titled “What a Pikachu World”, wants to make you a bit sad. As you may have guessed by the name it uses Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World and it’s completely earnest.

Despite the Pokémon in this movie continuing to look frightening and the fact that their CGI really doesn’t work with the real humans of this movie, this new trailer still managed to pull on the old heartstrings.

Oh, and they used the regular version of the song, not a terrible cover that’s slowed down and super edgy, as is usually the case with modern trailers.

As always this trailer was uploaded to Ryan Reynold’s official YouTube channel, which is hilarious as he has also used the same platform to promote Deadpool in a similar way, as well as his brand of gin, the promotional video for which autoplays when visiting the channel.

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