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Joker’s teaser trailer will make you smile, whether you want to or not

With all the talk of the Avengers and their Endgame we’d almost forgotten that the Joker was getting his own movie and now we have a trailer for that film.

Published late yesterday afternoon, Joker’s teaser trailer sets the scene for what we can only imagine will be a wild ride.

The titular role of the Joker will of course be played by Joaquin Phoenix and the trailer takes us through Arthur Fleck’s life before he became the Joker. We hear Phoenix speak and even get to see him in full Joker garb

Enough blabbing, check out the trailer below.

First things first, this depiction of Joker is something we’ve been yearning for since we first saw Heath Ledger’s interpretation of the character.

In the trailer we see Phoenix beaten up, knocked down and humiliated before we see him slowly descend into madness and – we assume – a life of crime.

The Joker is one of those iconic characters that folks are always hesitant to see represented on the silver screen but we think Phoenix’s depiction is going to tick a lot of boxes for a lot of people.

As we mentioned this is a teaser trailer and there will no doubt be more trailers hitting us ahead of Joker’s 4th October release.

Until then, smile.

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