Quick and easy storage expansion from Transcend for your notebook or desktop

Recently we needed to upgrade a notebook by adding more storage. The trouble is that space to add an SSD was at a premium and swapping out the existing SSD for a larger one wasn’t an option.

Thankfully there is another option for those looking to add storage to their notebooks or desktop PCs that doesn’t require a single tool.

The TS-CK3 SSD Conversion Kit from Transcend gives you the choice of adding an SSD to your notebook or desktop PC via USB 3.1. Gen 1

This is thanks to a USB-to-SATA adapter that simple slots on to any 2.5inch SSD. It really is that simple.

The solution uses SATA III which has an interface running at 6Gbps. Because this adapter terminates in a USB 3.1. Gen 1 connector you can expect to see transfer speeds of about 130MB/s when copying from a slower HDD to an SSD.

For desktop PC users who have more space for an SSD, the TS-CK3 kit comes with a mounting bracket, screws, a Phillips head screwdriver and you even get a SATA cable with it. The mounting bracket, once installed and secured with the screws will convert your desktop’s 3.5 inch drive bay to accommodate a 2.5 inch storage drive.

And when you replace the current SSD with the new one, don’t worry about losing data – Transcend has a solution for you as well.

SSD Scope is free software that will allow you to clone your current SSD onto your new SSD. Even once that process is completed you can use SSD Scope to monitor your SSD’s health and optimise write speeds using TRIM.

All in all the TS-CK3 is a wonderful kit for anybody looking to upgrade their storage whether it is for a desktop or notebook.

To find out more or get your own contact local distributor Rectron.


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