Sasol looks at how you can prepare for a career in the 4th Industrial Revolution

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With the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) on our doorstep, the World Economic Forum (WEF) (PDF) has reported that by 2022, over 75 million careers will have disappeared and replaced by 133 million new types of jobs.

With that in mind, Sasol is offering a corporate bursary programme to deserving young students who wish to pursue careers in various engineering disciplines, in a bid to address the issue of how one can prepare for professions in the 4IR that are not yet in existence.

According to Monica Luwes, manager of the Graduate Centre at Sasol, there are a few steps that students can take in order to ensure that they are prepared for the careers that are yet to come.

Luwes explains that getting into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is very important as it foresees that STEM will be part of everything, as it is the foundation of the 4IR.

Focusing on STEM can help one to see where they can do the most with their abilities and interests, and will cover an enormous number of careers that are not in the classic brackets of their names, says Luwes.

The company adds that having soft skills will help in creativity, empathy and other human attributes that make each one unique which machines cannot do. Soft skills will help in working well with others, managing disagreements, inspiring co-workers and collaborating for better results.

Sasol recommends that students should read up about soft skills and also have supportive groups that will help develop these skills.

Furthermore, Sasol manager adds that having discipline is key, as nowadays work productivity is not measured by being at your desk from 9:00 to 17:00, but rather replaced by an agile workplace where results are being measured by productivity.

With employees capable of being connected anywhere, employers need to that you’re self motivated, concludes Luwes

To find out more about the Sasol Corporate Bursary Programme, head here.

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Nokulunga Xala

Nokulunga Xala

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