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Three different versions of the Galaxy Note 10 reportedly on the cards

While we anxiously await the local release of the Galaxy Fold later this month, there are already reports about Samsung’s other big flagship phone for the year – the Galaxy Note 10.

According to Korean website ETNews, the smartphone maker is reportedly set to unveil three versions of the Galaxy Note 10 later this year. Two of the three are said to be different sized variations, with the third being a 5G supporting model.

For obvious reasons, Samsung has not commented on the reports, but a trio of Note 10 devices makes quite a bit of sense, especially as the South Korean manufacturer debuted four different flavours of the Galaxy S10 only a couple of months ago.

As for the sizes, ETNews’ sources say a 6.28″ and 6.75″ variant of the Note 10 are in the works, with both versions supporting LTE functionality. The size of the 5G model is unclear though, but it is expected to be closer to the larger 6.75″ phone than the smaller one.

Added to this, the 5G Galaxy Note 10 is rumoured to sport four cameras on the rear, with the fourth being a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor that’s designed to offer better depth sensing for photography.

As such, if the rumours are indeed true it would seem as if Samsung is throwing all of its feature eggs into this one Galaxy Note 10 basket.

What will be more interesting to see from our perspective is whether Samsung Mobile South Africa will be planning to bring this rumoured 5G Note 10 to local shores, especially as the 5G supporting Galaxy S10 has not been earmarked for SA as of yet.

It could then turn out that the 5G Note 10 will be Samsung’s first official 5G device in the country, when it will likely be debuted around September / October.

Hopefully if that happens, more carriers will have their 5G networks up and running.

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