Fujifilm Innovation Centre to bring more services to local customers

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Earlier today Fujifilm invited local media to their recently overhauled African Innovation Centre in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, to see the revamped location, and look at the solutions and services that the company is focusing on at the moment.

As the first Innovation Centre on the African continent, it will serve as not only a one-stop demonstration area for new products, but also incorporates a number of improvements and Fujifilm devices previously unavailable locally.

Cameras on show

Visitors to the Fujifilm Innovation Centre will now find improved sections where they are able to test out and play with the company’s popular X Series mirrorless cameras and Instax instant cameras. The latter offering in particular have proved popular for the company, with Fujifilm noting that more than 10 million units of Instax camera were sold in the past year alone. 

Another first for Fujifilm South Africa is a replica of the Wonder Photo Shop concept store hosted inside the Innovation Centre. These photo print stores are established to ,”enrich people’s lives with photos,” according to the firm, with almost 90 stores in 25-plus countries. There is no Wonder Photo Shop in South Africa just yet, but Fujifilm has said that it plans to launch one, and are currently in talks with potential partners.

Medical solutions

Although South Africans might think of Fujifilm as a photographic and printing company, it has a strong lineage in the field of medical systems, digital and computer radiography systems, and X-Ray film. 

Found in the Innovation Centre is the Amulet Innovality, Fujifilm’s top of the range digital mammography X-Ray unit with 3D capability (Tomosyntheses) which helps in early stage detection of breast cancer. In order to generate greater conversations and innovations in this regard, Fujifilm is also planning to have a seminar in Johannesburg later this year, but no precise date is mentioned.

Added to this is the FDR Smart X-Ray machine that assists with, amongst others, the screening of tuberculosis patients. Also worth mentioning is the artificial intelligence-driven REiLi screening system, which aides in the acceleration of complex diagnosis, with this software tool being used to support radiologists’ clinical decision-making.

Culture of innovation

According to Fujifilm South Africa’s MD, Takeo Hata, the Centre reflects the company’s culture of innovation.

“With 80 years of experience in providing top of the range solutions in several industries, Fujifilm has firmly established itself as a world innovation leader. Seeing what’s on offer at the Fujifilm Innovation Centre Africa provides clients with a broader idea of what the company is truly capable of,” he notes.

“Fujifilm will utilise the Innovation Centre Africa to not only work together with our partners to further enhance our innovative solutions, but also to provide exceptional support and training,” Hata concludes.

The Fujifilm Innovation Centre Africa is open to their business partners and interested parties during working hours, Mondays to Fridays. It is situated at No. 5 Jockey Street, Stormill, Roodepoort. 

For more information, head here.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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