In 2019 there’s an active, official King of Queens twitter account

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In recent years new TV shows, movies or any piece of media having dedicated social media accounts is the norm rather than the exception, but what we didn’t expect to find is one being operated for the long-finished show The King of Queens.

Originally airing in 1998 and ending its run in 2007, many people (ourselves included) have some fond memories of this show. But, if we’re being entirely honest, it just doesn’t have the lasting legacy of some of its contemporaries.

Which makes the Twitter account @TheKOQ even weirder. This is the official account for the show and is verified, and it seems to have been relatively active ever since its creation back in 2012 – five years after the show ended.

We’re writing about it now because of the header image above showing Kevin James’ main character Doug Heffernan in front of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones, which aired its finale just a few hours ago now.

The image comes with the caption “We all know who the real king is” and is doing the rounds at the moment, with many people asking how and why this account exists for such a relatively old show.

It seems that the account wants to drive people to watch reruns. Its bio directs people to a link which should show rerun times where you can watch the show, but it does not work for us at all, providing a “Sorry! Page not found” message when we load it up.

We thought that this was maybe because we were outside of the US, but firing up a VPN and setting it to America didn’t change anything.

All of this is very bizarre and we’ll try getting in contact with whoever runs the account to find out why someone has deemed it fit to continue with. Aside from reruns being profitable enough to justify someone (or a team) working on the account, the only other reason we can think of is that The King of Queens secretly has a huge cult following that is relatively unknown.

Until we have some more information, give the account a look over. It’s run just like a regular social media presence for a show would. It offers up gifs of parts of the show, retweets praise for it, and shares clips of certain scenes.

That previously mentioned praise was for the show’s theme song, which we think is appropriate to end on here because it’s still a decent tune all these years later.

[Image – @TheKOQ]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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