How South Africa searched on Election Day 2019

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South Africa has been swept up in Election Fever for the last few months with it finally culminating in the elections yesterday.

While the votes are being tallied we’re curious to see what the online conversation has been like throughout the week and Google has not disappointed.

The day before elections were held South Africans were still looking for advice on who to vote for in the 2019 elections but the top search on 7th May was “Is election day a public holiday?”.

The top 15 searches ahead of the elections were as follows:

  • Is election day a public holiday?
  • Who to vote for in SA election 2019?
  • Where can I vote on election day?
  • How many parties in 2019 election?
  • Who will win elections in 2019?
  • What time do voting stations open?
  • Will EFF win 2019 elections?
  • When was the last election in South Africa?
  • How to check if you are registered to vote?
  • Will ANC win the 2019 elections?
  • Will shops be open on election day?
  • Will DA win 2019 elections?
  • Can I vote anywhere?
  • When will election results be announced?
  • When was the first democratic election held in South Africa?

The ANC, EFF and DA all topped the most searched for part in SA for the beginning of the week with Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s African Transformation Movement bringing up the rear.

Election day

On election day the second most searched for term (with 10 000+ searches) was “Voting station near me”. Curiously, the only political party that trended on Election Day was the EFF.

Image – Google Africa

Vote counting

As one might expect following Election day South Africans were keen to know who had won the elections.

As such “Who won the election in South Africa?” has been a trending search for the last 24 hours.

Google search trends indicate that South Africans are impatient to know the results and are searching for more election-related information as the news trickles out,” says Google Africa.

The top questions asked by South Africans about elections are included below:

  1. Who won the election in South Africa?
  2. How many parties in 2019 election?
  3. How many votes for a seat in parliament?
  4. When will election results be available?
  5. When will the election results be announced?
  6. How are the elections going?
  7. Who is the president of South Africa?
  8. How many political parties in 2019 election?
  9. When does counting start election?
  10. Which party is leading with votes?

To follow the vote count live you can visit the IEC’s Results Dashboard on its website which is reporting votes as they are counted.

[Image – CC BY 2.0 Bill Smith]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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