Jeff Bezos reveals design for lunar lander from Blue Origin

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Blue Origin, the other independent aerospace company, held a press event Stateside yesterday showing off some of its plans when it comes to heading into space in the coming years.

More specifically the firm’s owner, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, revealed some of the new hardware that Blue Origin has been working on, with the star of the show being a lunar lander that has been in development for the past three years, according to the organisation.

The lander has been christened Blue Moon, and is said to be capable of delivering multiple tons of payload (3.6 metric tons) to the Moon’s surface, being specifically designed to handle the demands of its surface and atmosphere.

Bezos also enthusiastically stated that Blue Moon will be ready to operate for any missions by 2024, which just so happens to be when the current US administration have prompted NASA to bring astronauts to the moon again.

He also added his excitement at the idea of having the first woman to walk on the moon, do so after disembarking from a Blue Origin lander, which is something that American vice president Mike Pence has urged NASA to make a reality.

Whether Blue Origin is able to do so remains to be seen, as they need to secure the correct contract with a space agency in order to fulfil missions. Nevertheless though, they appear to have the pieces in place to make it happen.

To can watch the full 51-minute press event in the video below to see some of Blue Origin’s other space exploration hardware, and hear about their immediate plans.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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