Liquid Telecom, SITA & Eastern Cape government to deliver broadband services in the province

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Access to broadband services, especially to critical infrastructure, is something that the entire country needs to ensure is in place. Assisting in that regard in the Eastern Cape is local provider Liquid Telecom, which recently concluded a partnership with SITA and the province’s government in order to deliver access to the region.

The high-speed broadband services will enable the Eastern Cape Provincial Government to deliver services to its citizens, says Liquid Telecom, adding that the technology on offer will enhance their overall service delivery capabilities of hospitals, schools, clinics and provincial offices.

“Having the opportunity to start connecting the least connected province in South Africa is an honour for us. For the first time Liquid Telecom will be contributing directly to enhanced service delivery in the Eastern Cape Province,” explains Reshaad Sha, CEO of Liquid Telecom South Africa.

“The high-speed network services that we will deliver as part of this project will be a key enabler in the delivery of e-education; e-health and a plethora of e-government services through the facilities that will now be connected,” he adds.

This latest partnership is also designed to illustrate how connectivity can be brought to rural areas of the country, and in the coming months should show what kind of benefit having said access will prove.

“The provision of broadband connectivity is key to the modernisation of government in order to ensure improved service delivery to our citizens. This connectivity will serve as a key enabler for the Eastern Cape Government and will ensure that a sound foundation exists which can be leveraged for its’ Digital Transformation Journey as well ensure that South Africa is able to benefit from the opportunities presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” notes Ntutule Tshenye, acting CEO of SITA.

“The partnership between SITA, Liquid Telecom and the Eastern Cape Provincial Government also aims to demonstrate that it is possible to deploy pervasive high-speed broadband in a rural province so as to ensure that the objectives of SA Connect are met,” continues Tshenye.

With regard to the tangible elements that this partnership and impending infrastructure will yield, Liquid Telecom says Eastern Cape residents can expect 2 700 government facilities to be a part of the initial rollout, each featuring up to 100Mbps speeds, and upping it to 1Gbps at a later stage.

Where Liquid Telecom plans to roll out similar initiatives remains to be seen.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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