Bloodroots demo finally lets us beat up bad guys with a ladder

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With all the gaming news coming out of E3 it’s easy to miss some of the smaller titles announcing new stuff, with one of them being Bloodroots.

Originally revealed back in August of 2018, the main mechanic of the game is summed up in the marketing tagline “the world is your weapon” as your character can pick up and use just about anything as a weapon.

A wagon wheel? It can be thrown around and bounces like Captain America’s shield. A carrot? Sure if it’s big enough. A ladder? Hell yeah, there’s even a cutscene that may play when you use it.

We were already looking forward to the title when it was revealed but now we’ve been able to play around five minutes of it thanks to a demo which was just released.

You don’t need to have any media privileges or a ticket to E3 to get into the demo, but you can’t just download it either. To get you’ll need to go to the official Bloodroots website and leave your email address to sign up their mailing list.

We did this back in 2018 when the reveal happened and a code for the demo landed in our inbox recently. It redeems to Steam and lets you play through a small portion of the game.

Despite the short nature of the demo this game really does deliver on what its trailers promise. The gameplay is fast and fluid, and picking up new items to see how they’re cleverly used as weapons is always entertaining.

It’s worth mentioning that Bloodroots works on a single hit system where you will die if any enemy, no matter how lowly, can score a hit on you. It helps that the game is really simple (aside from movement and a jump button, you only have the ability to grab items and then a button to attack) so you won’t be mindflooded in the midst of combat.

One thing to note is that the control layout is set to PlayStation by default. While the game is slated for PC and PlayStation 4, we don’t have a PlayStation controller hooked up to our PC, so it seems that controller is recommended here even though we had no problem on keyboard and mouse.

Those worried about that control layout shouldn’t be as you’ll quickly figure it out: WASD to move, space bar to jump, left click to attack and right click to pick up items.

We highly recommend leaving your email address to get into the demo. You will need to wait a few minutes before you’re sent a code, so don’t worry if it doesn’t arrive immediately.

While you wait check out the Steam page to see more of the game. 

A release date of “Summer 2019” has been given, which is between late June and late September in the Northern Hemisphere where developer Paper Cult is based.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of