Mid-2000’s fad Mighty Beanz return to South Africa in 2019

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Mighty Beanz was a fad in the early 2000’s centred around a rather simple toy: a bean-shaped plastic shell with a ball bearing inside which caused it to flip over with a bit of encouragement. Now after years without the toy, South African children can buy them in stores once again.

According to a public newsletter we received from Toys R Us, the chain of stores (which is still open in here, for our American readers) will be the first to stock the new version of the toys. We assume this means that it will spread to other stores – both online and physical – in the future.

This new wave of Mighty Beanz apparently has 140 of them to collect available in a few different variants. And, yes, they are in blind bags so it’s up to chance what you will actually get.

The variants and their prices are as follows:

As you may have guessed the Two Pack comes with two random Mighty Beanz, but the other products require some explanation.

The Flip track is a length of plastic designed to roll the toys down. The packaging also speaks of several games you can play with it, but there’s no actual bean included.

The Slam pack comes with eight Mighty Beans in a strange pod that is opened by hitting the top of the plastic, at which point it should open up like a weird flower containing your new plastic beans. Looking up some videos on YouTube and it does look like a bit of fun, so we see the appeal here.

The last and most expensive set is a downhill race for two players competing to get to the bottom. The beans are launched with a small “air barrel” to get going, and there are just two Mighty Beanz here.

These products have been available for some time now outside of the country, but now they can be bought locally for kids… or slightly older kids that want some of that sweet nostalgia.

Those looking to get some Mighty Beanz for free should check out a contest Toys R Us is running on Facebook. It ends in a few days on the 21st of June, so get in while you can. The prizes are a bit nebulous, only described as “five hampers valued at over R300 each”. You can make your own assumptions of what that entails from the list of products above, but we’re guessing it’s one Slam Pack and one Flip Track.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.