3D Printed helmet from Star Wars: Republic Commando is wearable

Wearable helmets from videogames seem to be in fashion right now with Doom Eternal offering one up in its Collector’s Edition, but here’s one from Star Wars: Republic Commando that you can 3D print yourself.

Maker Svetoslav Krastev created this piece as a part of a complete cosplay of the character Sev from the game.

He tells us that modelling of the helmet was mainly done in 3ds Max before it was exported to Meshmixer for slicing as well as the addition of some smaller details.

For reference a model of the helmet taken directly from the game was used, together with some marketing material such as a poster. The model from the game was on the low poly side of things but it did help map out the final look of the helmet and acted as a great base.

This process took between three and four days to complete, with printing taking longer at around one week. That may seem long but this time was not consecutive as the printer needed to be monitored while it was in operation.

After assembling the various pieces together the raw plastic of the print (in this rather attractive black colour) XTC-3D was applied to the surface to smooth it out. While this did create some bumps they were sanded off.

For painting a regular primer was used but Krastev admits that a filler primer would have been a better choice here. The main white colour here was done with spray paint and the red “blood” was accomplished with some acrylics.

At around 24 X 33 X 25 centimetres the helmet is big enough to be worn and features padding on the inside, together with a small fan, to make it comfortable enough to wear. A small lighting system is also incorporated into the prop to give the visor that distinctive blue glow.

The files to print your own helmet are available for free over on Thingiverse but remember to do a bit of measuring and resizing so it will properly fit you.

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