Multicolour 3D print of Rocket League’s Venom doesn’t use any paint

While 3D prints sliced by colour to avoid painting aren’t anything new, its application in this version of Venom from Rocket League is some of the best we’ve seen in a while.

Thingiverse user Tachyo Free is the one behind this project and was kind enough to tell us how it was made.

They say that they decided to create this after not being able to find a good enough printable version of the car online, and the fact that other attempts with paint jobs weren’t convincing enough.

For the modelling process the 3D files from the game were used, but needed to be extensively modified in Blender before they could be printed.

Using screenshots from the game as reference, two hours per day were poured into the model over the course of three weeks with the custom rims eating up six hours on their own.

On top of wanting to slice the parts correctly and use as little glue as possible in assembly, Tachyo Free notes that they only started learning Blender last year.

If printing of prototypes to test fittings are included, this project took around 40 hours to completely 3D print. This is also including some trouble experienced with making the colours uniform across PLA print settings and filament temperature issues in the Winter.

Once the finalised parts were printed they only required some finishing work to remove the minimal supports, but the finished version you see in the gallery below has not been sanded and still looks fantastic. This is probably due to the great design work and different filament choices.

Those looking to make their own version of venom can find the files available for free over on Thingiverse.

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