See most of the PC games from E3 on Steam’s ‘Live from LA’ page

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E3 is happening right now with each new day of the event announcing dozens of new releases and updates. It can be difficult to keep up with but, thankfully, Steam has created a useful splash page to track things.

Their “Live from LA” page is a a huge list of games which pertain to E3. it mostly consists of titles which have been announced and have store pages and those which have already launched and have been updated.

Right now this large list of games is grouped into the following categories:

  • News from E3
  • From the E3VR Showcase
  • Featured at IndieCade
  • Featured at the Mix Showcase
  • More from the E3 show floor

Aside from being a nice way to see which games haven’t been scooped up as Epic Store exclusives, the store pages have the benefit of informing viewers of localised pricing, if pricing has been added at all.

Some of the new titles like Dying Light 2 have store pages but no pricing at this time, while Doom Eternal has a store listing and a price (R879, by the way).

As always we recommend not parting with your money until at least some reviews are out, no matter how tempting the Doot Revenant skin is.

If money is not concern this page also provides some release date where applicable.

Give the splash page a read over for yourself and start selling trading cards and other inventory items now.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of