South African animator Mike Scott finally gives us twerking Mario

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If you’ve been sitting around thinking “man, my life is incomplete without once seeing Mario twerk” then we have good news for you as animator Mike Scott has provided just that.

This comes from his latest animated music video, this time for Overworld Theme (Trap Remix) by Goblins from Mars. Aside from what Mario is doing, you can also find a Koopa dabbing, Toad on the drums, Bowser as a DJ and a few other fun things we’ll let you find on your own.

We recently featured his work for a similar animation in the Baby Shark remix, which he created in conjunction with his brother David Scott – the main member of local band The Kiffness.

Mike Scott is probably best known as the creator of the cartoon Moosebox which aired on Nicktoons Africa and should be available in other ways soon.

That being said, animated music videos seem to be his mainstay as another local band in Goldfish also used his animation for the video of We Come Together all the way back in 2011.

We highly recommend subscribing to Mike Scott’s YouTube channel. Aside from content like this, he also posts ongoing projects like Bru & Boegie.

The animated music video is embedded below:

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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