Terrorise your D&D party with this 3D printed dragon turtle

3D printing miniatures to enhance your Dungeons and Dragons campaign has become a popular trend with places like Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory flooding with BeholdersAbolethsTiamats and more. Now the latest monster to join the 3D printed D&D throng is the dragon turtle.

Maker Amy Jade created this version of the dragon turtle which is meant to fit in with 28 millimetre tabletop pieces.

Jade tells us that this larger figure took around 10 hours to model in Blender, compared to the 3 hours usually needed for the smaller miniatures she’s made in the past.

Official art of the creature was used as a reference here, but this is not a 1:1 recreation and is instead Jade’s own take on the design.

Printing took 60 hours to complete with the model being printed as a single piece on an Ender 3 at 0.08 millimetre layer height.

Despite the dragon turtle being mounted on a 125 millimetre base, the model itself stretches past it at 210 millimetres when measured from head to tail.

After removing the supports from the raw plastic the print was sprayed black, a basecoat was applied, then it was inked and finally dry brushed. This was all done with the familiar range of Citadel paints.

Those looking to make their own can find the files available for free over on Thingiverse, but note that there’s also a different version available to show only half of the dragon turtle as it comes up from a body of water. The files with the word “breaching” in their names should be downloaded if that’s the version you want to go for.

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