The Surge 2 release date confirmed, pre-order & limited edition revealed

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Yesterday we learned that The Surge 2 would be coming out on 24th September thanks to some third parties but now, thanks to a press release, we can confirm that date and a few other things.

While the game was on pre-order since the previous unofficial announcement, there was no mention of what bonuses (if any) would be unlocked by parting with your money this soon.

The Surge 2 continues the trend of small pieces of DLC as the reward here. The “Urban Gear Pack” grants a set of power armour and two weapons, all with unique skins imitating graffiti.

A drone (used to remotely attack enemies) and a skill called a module are also included here.

The final piece of content awarded for pre-ordering is maybe the most interesting. It’s a simple “Online Message Icon”. While that would usually go under the radar, this seems to suggest that the game will have some online functionality where the original did not.

It’s not secret that The Surge franchise is a Soulslike game borrowing liberally from the titles by FromSoftware. The first game in the series, however, lacked the online shared world that made the various Souls games so popular to play while connected.

The inclusion of this icon seems to suggest that some form of online functionality will be in this sequel.

Aside from our usual warnings against pre-orders, it’s worth noting that all this DLC can be purchased once the game is out, so there’s no real need to buy it now.

If digital goods aren’t your thing a limited edition will also be available at “select retailers worldwide”.

As far as limited editions go, it’s rather tame with an “exclusive sleeve” that goes around the physical box, a lenticular cover, a hilariously short comic (just eight pages), a poster with the game map on the reverse side, and three lithographs.

Strangely, the pre-order DLC is only advertised for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while the limited edition is only shown for PlayStation 4. The game is coming out on PC (it already has a Steam page) so we’re not sure why the strange exclusions are here.

Regardless, give our review of the original game a read if you want to know if this is a series worth jumping into. Everything we’ve seen of the sequel so far shows that it will be an incremental improvement of the first game, so it’s worth looking ta it now.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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