Vivo’s new Super FlashCharge takes 15 minutes to charge a 4000mAh battery

With every new flagship phone that gets unveiled, a significant portion of said unveiling is dedicated to the battery capacity of the device. In recent years we’ve seen manufacturers up the ante in terms of size, and fast charging times, but now Vivo has blown the competition out of the water.

To that end the Chinese firm announced that its new 120W Super FlashCharge technology can charge a 4 000mAh battery in just 15 minutes, which is faster than we’ve seen any company manage to date.

Earlier this year Xiaomi showcased a 100W fast charge that took 17 minutes for a 4 000mAh battery, but is yet to go to market with it. Either way Vivo’s FlashCharge is leading the way at the moment… on paper at least.

To confirm the company’s claims, a Vivo product manager shared a video on Weibo showcasing the charging in action, while also curiously scoring the video to Redbone’s Come and Get Your Love.

That particular oddity aside, the video should be taken with a generous heap of salt, as we do not see the make of the device, or indeed the functionality of the phone following the charging, which is filmed over time-lapse.

That said, if Vivo can indeed match that 15 minute mark in a commercially ready device, it could prove a particularly strong selling point. It would also be interesting to hear from the company as to how this level of fast charging effects the longevity of the battery, and whether a replacement would be required earlier than normal.

We’re likely to get that information at MWC Shanghai next week, where Vivo is also expected to reveal their first 5G supporting smartphone. Whether it will be the same device that sports the FlashCharge tech remains to be seen, as well as when the company plans to launch the smartphone.

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