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After being revealed back in February, we’ve seen almost nothing of the two latest mainline Pokémon games in Sword and Shield. Thankfully that should change soon with a Nintendo livestream happening in a short while.

Come 5th June 15:00 local time, a livestream of approximately 15 minutes will happen which promises to provide “new information” about the two games.

While we’re calling this a Nintendo Direct, to go along with all the past events of this nature, it seems to be labelled a “Pokémon Direct” by the Nintendo themselves.

This is evidenced by the marketing material for the event we’ve received so far, and the banner on their Twitch channel where you can watch the stream, which is embedded below.

If you arrive before it starts you will see this banner advertising the games in the Pokémon Direct and the pair of time zones they’ve bothered to list.

Watch live video from Nintendo on

As for the content of the livestream, we highly expect to see some new Pokémon, especially the evolutions of the three starters which have been the only ones revealed so far.

We wouldn’t be too surprised to see any new legendary Pokémon, the villain(s) or new mechanics to hopefully change things up a bit.

Finally, it’s worth noting that this livestream was revealed to be happening in an email which also advertised the 29 May event which unveiled the Pokémon games Masters, Sleep and Home.

We bring this up as we may see some interplay between those three and Sword and Shield, outside of what has been revealed already.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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