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You can now 3D print Wooloo – the internet’s favourite new Pokémon

Earlier this month a Pokémon direct revealed many new details about the upcoming Sword and Shield games, including the new Pokémon that the internet would shortly lose its mind over in Wooloo.

While countless artists have already drawn their fan art of this Pokémon, the 3D printing community has similarly been at work to recreate Wooloo and offer it up for anyone else to replicate.

Japanese user Yamima is the person behind the incredible Wooloo you see on this page, and they were also kind enough to speak to us about how the project came together.

The modelling work here was done in Maya before being exported to CHiTu DLP to add supports and make it printer ready. This process only took around six hours to complete.

This step was rather difficult due to the limited reference material available when the modelling was done.

Printing took exactly twice that amount of time at 12 hours, with resin being chosen here instead of the more popular PLA or ABS we usually see.

Despite that relatively long time this a rather diminutive desk toy at 8.1 X 6.5 X 5.8 centimetres.

While most of Wooloo’s design is white, and a white resin was used here, there was finishing work needed here.

A small rotary tool was used for most of the smoothing, together with some rather odd looking abrasives that are positively Japanese going off of their Amazon listing.

Some panting was needed on the legs and face to get the right look but, thankfully, the details in these areas are part of the model and will be present if you decide not to paint yours.

If you’d like to give that a try, roll on over to Thingiverse where the files to do so are available for free.

The finished version of this Wooloo can be seen in the gallery. It has been attached to a base with some flock to ensure that it is stable.

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