Neil Gaiman’s Sandman reportedly being developed by Netflix

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The work of acclaimed author Neil Gaiman has been mined several times in the past couple of years for TV series such as American Gods and Good Omens. Now one of Gaiman’s most celebrated works, Sandman, is reportedly being adapted by Netflix.

This is according to The Hollywood Reporter, with the publication noting that the streaming service is closing in on a deal to adapt his work into a live-action series.

Also attached to the project are Wonder Woman’s screenwriter Allan Heinberg, who is said to be penning the screen adaptation, with Gaiman and DC Comics veteran David S. Goyer overseeing things as producers.

Warner Bros. is selling the rights to produce the project to Netflix, but considering how some of the studio’s other DC projects have proved hit and miss (we’re looking at you Justice League), it may have been a better move to keep their hands on as interesting a property like Sandman.

Anyone who has followed the comic book’s journey will know that Hollywood has been trying to adapt it for some time now, but the talent to bring it to fruition, as well as the budget large enough for all the CGI and special effects required, have proved stumbling blocks.

Whether Netflix can do a better job remains to be seen, with their short history when it comes to adaptations of much-loved animations and comic books also a little spotty. Movies like Death Note earned the ire of fans, and their Castlevania animated series featured very few episodes and seemingly took forever to develop.

As such a project like Sandman would prove Netflix’s most daunting to date. Let’s see if they can pull it off.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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