A new target for 3D printed Borderlands guns: the Loader Bot

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As you may expect there are countless 3D printed guns from Borderlands (some of them even shoot rubber bands) but today we have something a bit different in the Loader Bot from Telltale Games, which could also be a Gun Loader from Borderlands 2.

Maker Andrew Bertenshaw is behind this project and he was kind enough to speak to us about how it was made.

“The modelling software I used was Fusion 360, it took around 16 hours or so to get it all modelled up, working on it for an hour or two at a time after work for a couple of weeks,” Bertenshaw says. “I often had the game running whilst I modelled as a reference, which was useful for areas like the back of the Loader Bot which are hard to find pictures of online. I also spent a while looking up Loader Bot images on Google for reference.”

Printing took around 30 hours to complete with many of the individual parts being split in two for higher quality and more details. These split pieces, as well as the rest of the model, were glued together once they were done.

A whopping 10 extra hours were then spent sanding to make the raw plastic as smooth as possible. You can see that this extra work really paid off in the final model, which you can see in the gallery below. Like recreations of Pharah and Thanos that we’ve featured in the past, you’d think this was a production miniature and not a print.

Painting, of course, plays a big part here with Loader Bot being primed before that layer was sanded too. The main yellow and silver parts here were airbrushed on with the final smaller details being added in with the same method together with regular hand painting. A bit of weathering was added after all of that to make Loader Bot look a little less factory new.

The finished print stands 19 centimetres tall and features joints in the legs and armswhich allow it to give the thumbs up, together with some other poses. Bertenshaw tells us that the shoulder joints were difficult to get right here, but the movement really adds a lot of character to this project.

You can make your own Loader Bot by grabbing the files available for free over on Thingiverse.

Alternatively Bertenshaw has also created a fantastic version of Claptrap which even features some subtle lighting effects.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.