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eBay is launching its own shipping and storage service akin to Amazon

While eBay still has some ways to go before it can begin challenging Amazon for the ecommerce crown, the online platform has taken a step in the right direction, with it confirming earlier this week that it will launch a new shipping and storage service akin to Amazon’s Fulfilment offering.

The new service is starting in the United States for now, with eBay calling it Managed Delivery.

According to eBay the new service will afford sellers in the States the ability to house their products at one of the company’s facilities across the country, along with faster shipping to buyers who would normally have to wait for courier companies to facilitate the process.

eBay has also roped in several logistics partners to take care of the packaging and delivery of items sold on the site, with sellers being charged for warehousing and shipping. The ecommerce platform adds that this service will kick off sometime next year, with Reuters reporting that between 40 and 50 percent of the items sold on eBay would qualify for this new service.

The Managed Delivery offering will pop up as option for roughly half the inventory on eBay, the company adds, with it only launching in the States for now.

eBay’s CEO Devin Wenig also confirms that the company is aiming to make two-day deliveries available under the Managed Delivery option, although it’s unclear if it will be able to achieve such a short turnaround at launch, with it being a possibility down the line depending on how popular the service becomes.

“What this is not about is us trying to win a fast shipping war. Our 182 million consumers shop on eBay because of the value and uniqueness of our inventory. We’re not the one-hour delivery guys. We’re never going to be that, but consumer expectations are changing,” Wenig told Reuters.

As such the immediate goal with this service is not to go head-to-head with Amazon. Whether eBay plans to launch the offering in other countries in 2020, remains to be seen.

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