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Netflix and YouTube streaming on the way for Tesla cars

Tesla cars will soon be able to stream Netflix and YouTube. This according to chief executive officer (CEO) Elon Musk, who chose his usual mode of communication, Twitter, to make the announcement.

He has long touted the untapped potential for the displays within Tesla EVs to be used for more than simply navigation or providing drivers with information, and now it seems as if the firm is taking its first steps in getting more entertainment in-car.

To that end Musk confirms that the vehicles will only be able to access the functionality when their cars are stationary, which for us, kind of defeats the purpose for now.

The Tesla CEO did however, note that when the regulatory process for the manufacturer’s autonomous driving technology is completed, then streaming while driving will also be added.

At the moment Musk has not revealed when this feature will be porting to Tesla vehicles, or indeed if there are any limitations in terms of model availability, outside of requiring an in-car display of course.

Adding such a feature makes a lot of sense for Tesla, especially if it’s aiming to tout the self-driving and consequently the multitasking functionality of its vehicles.

Whether that regulation does come, however, remains to be seen, with the responsibility should something go wrong while autonomous tech is engaged still difficult to discern at this stage.

While it did not involve a Tesla vehicle, the fatal Uber self-driving crash in 2017 occurred as the test driver was watching The Voice via Hulu. It hasn’t been determined that this was the cause of the crash, but it does not make a great case in terms of the unwanted distraction that in-car entertainment may pose for autonomous vehicles.

Either way this forthcoming feature from Tesla will likely be closely scrutinised by regulators.

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