Slack improves speed of desktop app on Windows and macOS

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If you opened up Slack on your Windows or Mac device this morning, you were likely greeted by a notification that the messaging app’s developers have made some improvements to the speed of the software.

The newly rebuilt desktop app, which features a couple of subtle UI changes, has been improved to speed up things across the board, according to the company. More specifically it says that the Slack desktop app launches 33 percent faster than it did previously, and will require 50 percent less RAM to operate.

The company adds that these improvements have been specifically developed for those environments were multiple Slack users would reside and communicate in close proximity, i.e. at the office.

If like us, you work remotely part of the time too, the improvements may be less obvious to spot, but any improvements in speed are still welcome. We’ve been trying out Slack this morning, and the improvements are not overwhelmingly evident, but that said, things do seem to be running a bit more smoothly than before.

Developers add this improvement has been something that the company has been working on for the past two years, as it sought to modernise parts of its app’s code in the process. The result is that calls on Slack should also be better than they were previously.

If you have not received the notification yet, Slack says the new version of the desktop app has already begun rolling out to users globally, with it also available to download from the company’s site.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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