Worthwhile coding courses Think Camp has planned for August

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There has been a lot of discussion locally of late about preparing South Africa for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), as well as the jobs of the future, many of which have not been identified yet.

Education is central to this, but the current system and curriculum is ill-equipped to address these needs for now, as a new curriculum is being fleshed out and planned for implementation.

In the interim it’s worthwhile looking at alternative options, and that’s where Think Camp comes into play, as it specialises in coding courses aimed at children in primary and high school.

For August Think Camp has a number of courses starting up for Independent Schools, and we’ve looked at three in particular that may prove valuable for kids wanting to get into coding and developing, or parents aiming to spark an interest.

The three courses that caught our attention are MakeCraftCodeBot and AppMaker. There are also courses in game design via Scratch, coding using Minecraft and an introduction to Python programming.

For now though, we’re focused on the above three.

In MakeCraft, which Think Camp informs us is the most popular course on offer, students in Grade 2 to Grade 5 will learn the fundamentals of 3D modelling skills using the popular game Minecraft. A seven to eight-hour single session for MakeCraft is happening on three different days in August – the 12th, 20th and 26th – with each costing between R620 and R790.

Next is CodeBot. This is a hands-on robotics course for children in Grade 4 to Grade 7. They use the Robot Cozmo toy to assist with the understanding of logic, as this AI-enabled device touches on quite a few of the basics that government and the ICT industry has been espousing a need for. This course is seven to eight hours as well, with two days next month earmarked – 20th and 30th August. It also costs between R620 and R790.

Lastly we’re highlighting the AppMaker course, which is a bit more advanced and designed for those in Grade 6 to Grade 9. It looks at the world of iOS and Android app development, with learners taught how to work on app development platform Thunkable for this two-day long course. It’s more expensive than the other options at between R1 250 to R 1500, with this new course happening on 14th and 15th August.

Think Camp also acknowledges that these courses can be too expensive for some parents, and as such has a bursary programme in place.

For the August courses the company confirms that there are 15 spots still available, with parents urged to make their applications via email before 5th August to [email protected].

Should your child not be attending an Independent School, parents are advised to sign up for Think Camp’s mailing list to find out about its September courses, which align with a four-term schedule.

[Image – Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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